“How digital logistics is changing the e-commerce industry” (Blog Post 9)


The New Era of Digital Logistics

We are entering a period of dynamic and fundamental change to logistics operations and strategy. While the 1990s saw rapid advances in the logistics competencies of most companies, a number of forces, especially the communication and collaboration potential of the Internet, are dramatically changing the way companies craft logistics strategies, processes and systems. As a result, companies embracing this new paradigm will be able to strip out millions of dollars of operating costs, achieve better supply chain integration, and increase market power through customer-focused fulfillment.

The internet is ushering in a new era of tremendous increases in supply chain velocity and cost reduction through information sharing and logistics synchronization between trading partners and service providers. The logistics opportunities created are driving a market transformation from traditional logistics concepts to a new era of digital logistics.

How does it affect the e-commerce industry?50692345_m

The new era of digital logistics aims to speed up the process of traffic, goods and transport management. As compared to the Traditional method where transactions were managed through text messages and calls and payments were carried out over the counter via manually written receipts, the digital way speeds things up and makes everything more efficient for both the buyer and the seller. This creates more opportunities for sellers since they can save a lot of money from advertising because buyers will now be the one to look for the seller’s products since it’s easier and more convenient for them because of online marketing platforms such as ExactTarget, Marketo, Marin Software, Vocus, Raventools, Web CEO, Ginzametrics, etc.



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